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September 01, 2020

Lab publication!

Glutathione Improves the Antioxidant Activity of Vitamin C in Human Lens and Retinal Epithelial Cells: Implications for Vitreous Substitutes

July 29, 2020

Lab Publication!

Controlled release of anti-VEGF by redox-responsive polydopamine nanoparticles

June 10, 2020

Lab publication!

Chitosan-Polycaprolactone Core-Shell Microparticles for Sustained Delivery of Bevacizumab

March 26, 2020

Congrats, Dr. Tram!

Archie Tram successfully defended his PhD dissertation today!

February 08, 2020

Publication in JCR!

Pengfei Jiang's research was recently published in Journal of Controlled Release.