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Dr. Swindle-Reilly Elected Chair of Ophthalmic Biomaterials SIG

Assistant Professor Katelyn Swindle-Reilly has been elected Chair of the Ophthalmic Biomaterials Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Society of Biomaterials, 2021-2023. This appointment supersedes her 2019 election to the position of Program Chair of the SIG. Now, she will lead the Ophthalmology Special Interest Group's activities on the development and biocompatibility testing of materials for the augmentation and replacement of diseased ocular tissues and the development and testing of drug delivery systems to the anterior and posterior segments of the eye.

The Society for Biomaterials includes clinicians, researchers, and students from medical device manufacturers, academic research labs, and operating rooms across the country. Its annual meeting is an interdisciplinary gathering which serves as a critical pathway to identifying issues with current technologies, and for translating academic research to clinical practice.

The Ophthalmology Special Interest Group focuses on a number of areas, including wetting of surfaces; surface modification and protein adsorption of polymers used for refractive devices; transport through polymers, drug delivery systems and technologies; vitreous replacement fluids; retinal tamponades, and glaucoma drainage devices for the regulation of intraocular pressure.